Facilities available:

A. Digital X-ray (Machine: Fuji FDR, 1000mA​)

Plain X-ray Special investigations like Barium, IVP, MCU/RGU, Fistulogram etc.

B. Ultrasonography.( Machine: Aplio Toshiba, S8 Wipro GE)

I) Whole abdomen, Upper abdomen, Hepatobiliary system, Lower abdomen, KUB, Pelvis, II) Small parts – Thyroid, Scrotum, Brain, Eye, MSK etc. III) Fetal ultrasound- A. Regular FPP. B. Anomaly scan. C. 1st trimester screening NT. IV)TVS V) Doppler study – Peripheral (Artery and venous), Carotid, Renal, Fetal Doppler. VI) USG guided procedures. A. FNAC B. Trucut biopsy C. Fluid study (Therapeutic and diagnostic aspiration).

D. CT scan (Machine: 32 slice SOMATOM)

Whole body CT scan with or without contrast. CT guided FNAC, Trucut biopsy.


Since it’s discovery in 1895, X-ray has revolutionized the field of radiology. Starting from the conventional X-ray, today we are in the era of digital radiography (CR, DR). We, in ML Jain Diagnocare use 1000 mA fully digitalized X-ray machine to improve diagnostic accuracy. Our fully equipped and well trained technicians and staff are ready to help you experience the full benefit of a digital X-ray system.


Ultrasonography is a morphological and functional study of organs with the help of sound waves. The use of ultrasound has increased the accuracy of prediction of disease process, its outcome and complications. ML Jain Diagnocare is equipped with 2 high end ultrasound machines capable of performing almost all the possible examinations. We regularly conduct intervention procedures in collaboration with our other departments (pathology, microbiology & biochemistry) to provide you an accurate and reliable diagnosis.


The state of the art 32 slice somatom scope CT scan machine (Seimens) can perform a scan in single breath hold so as to reduce artifacts and increase patient compliance. We at MLJ Diagnocare try to deliver the CT plates and reports as early as possible. CT guided procedures are done regularly here.